We are always looking for Professional Musicians, National Artist, Local Artist, Bands &  Music Impersonators & More.

We are NOT excepting Rock or Hard Rock.

We specialize in Country, Bluegrass, Rock n Roll, Gospel, Rock A Billy, Classic and more.

Celebrity Impersonators who can sing, look & sound alike
If you look like but can't talk or sing like we may be able to use you for a walk around
for Concerts, Venues, Festivals, Corporate Events, Parties, and more.
If you have a special show that you do. Like Magic, Comedy, small play's etc.

Must be able to travel & possible stay overnight

Auditions are by appointment only

Promo Pack Information you need to send to us.

If you have a Promo Pack, email us for BEFORE YOU MAIL IT, so we can tell you where to send it to. 
Please enclose in your promo pack Both CD and DVD, Photo, Bio, references & where you have performed etc. 

Don't forget to add your contact information with (not on) the promo pack. 

(Do not put your contact information or your name on your promo material) 

  • The photo or video MUST NOT have your name or contact information on it at all. It will be rejected if  it does. (Even if it is only the first name) Please make these videos so I can edit them. Do not send us a link. We can not edit it that way. If you want to mail us a promo, put your photos and video on a CD and DVD. 
  • (This way we will have both)  
  • After sending us the information we need I will send you our mailing address so you can send us the CD, DVD and promo packs to send by mail.
DO NOT SEND VIDEOS THROUGH EMAIL WE WILL NOT GET IT.  I will give you our mailing address after we have talked

It could be rejected or could cause delay in booking you.

Sending us a promo pack does not guarantee you a booking. That will depend upon the client.