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Information about how to book with 
Rising Star Promotions Talent & Artist

Artist can be booked for you  “By Special Arrangement” 
through Rising Star Promotions

Cost & National Artists price range :
National artists Price varies. The price is artist fee only – additional expenses will be extra. 

(See below)What is your budget?:

Decide what your budget will be for the entire show. Remember to include the price of the act, transportation, accommodations, catering, artist rider requirements, technical production, insurance, and labor. Onsite production for the show is available for an additional fee.

Tell us about the event you are preparing for:
Submit the date, type of venue, attendance expected and age range of the guests (if for a private party) and the type of entertainment desired 
(National recording artist, celebrity impersonator, bluegrass, local, magic, 
Tribute Artist, etc).

Once you choose your entertainment :
Once you have decided on the type or style of entertainment that you would like for your event, we will supply you with a name of artists/celebrities that fit your needs and your budget.

Make an offer for an Artist
Once you have selected your entertainment and have submitted an offer, we will contact the Artist management to assure availability and cost.  When the offer is delivered to the management of the artist, it is up to them whether or not they will accept your terms and confirm your date.

LEGAL : Once you have signed the offer, and it is accepted by the artists’ management, you have bought an act and you are legally committed.

What do You do now?

The deposit is due –
After the artist has accepted your offer, a contract is issued and a deposit is due upon signing contract. Rising Star Promotions will see that the artist is paid. To be discussed at time of offer.

Payment Schedule: The balance of the artist fees are due prior to the performance or agreed upon by Artist & Buyer.

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All questions regarding Artist availability and fees
are confidential and MUST submitted be by

Email with your complete
Area Code and phone number
Address, City, State & Zip
web site (if you have one)
Date and Location of event.
And a Message containing your needs
Anyone is welcome to browse our website but in no way are we able to respond to email to any of the Artist included in this site, fan mail, or relay personal messages to the Artists.